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You Can Read This Review About VENOM Before You Watch It

Venom is a film that is quite interesting in various aspects. The film review will start from the acting of the actors, the formation of characters to visual effects at least deserves applause. Although it must be admitted, there are a number of flaws.

In this 112-minute film, there are not as many action scenes as most superhero films. Approximately 70 percent of the dialogue scenes explain what, who and how Venom is.

The story of Venom who is actually an alien revealed slowly. The disclosure began with investigative journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) at a company led by Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed).

During the disclosure, there were many dialogue scenes, such as conversations between Eddie and the speakers who accidentally met at the supermarket.

There are also dialogue scenes between Eddie and his friends that are not really necessary, such as dialogue with friends in Chinatown.

It was clear that the conversation was forced to connect the story. Scriptwriters Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinker like the confusion of how to construct subtle stories about Eddie who was exposed to Venom. However, if you are still feeling curious about this movie, you can watch it on https://www.marvel.com/characters/venom-eddie-brock

Until then the dialogue scene becomes boring because it’s easy to guess. One of them is like the scene when Eddie comes to the hospital to get treatment after being exposed to Venom.

This film was saved by an interesting action scene. Like when a car chase scene until the scene when Venom crushes humans.

His appearance was very different from Venom who had appeared in the film Spider-Man 3 (2007), so it felt refreshing. Moreover, this time, Venom has a bigger body and he explores things that are not yet known by him.

Besides, the visual effects are very good and not inferior to the films made by Marvel Studios, especially for the scene at the time when Venom fight some guys with a lot of guns.

Hardy’s appearance strongly supports the disheveled Venom character. Hardy’s acting feels very natural, moreover, in a number of comedy scenes, he manages to make people laugh well.

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