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You Can Read This “A Quiet Place” Review Before Watching It

The saying ‘silence is gold’ seems to be a good fit for the film by director John Krasinski, A Quiet Place. Throughout the 90 minutes, the film was able to present havoc, even without words.

A Quiet Place tells the story of the Abbott family life journey at the end of the world. Humans almost extinct because they are hunted by a group of alien creatures that feed on humans.

These creatures are blind but are very sensitive to sound. Silence is the key to human survival. All activities and equipment must be as minimal as possible to make a noise. Communicating between people must also use sign language.

However, the struggle of Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) to protect his family is more difficult than that. In addition to fasting to speak, he also had to look after three of his young children, which were so difficult to manage.

Lee’s wife, Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt), is also pregnant. Childbirth amidst the siege of human-eating creatures that are sensitive to sound is extremely dangerous, so it becomes the beginning of the Abbott family disaster.

The film is so neat using silence to cause horror. Little details are not forgotten in the depiction of the world atmosphere that began to quiet.

Since the opening scene, A Quiet Place has clearly introduced premises. The audience will understand some explanations of the endangered humanity, the appearance of aliens and the sound as a ‘source of vision’ for the creature easily, and the movie tells the audience about it in clear detail.

The film from Paramount Pictures also features a ‘simulated’ murder in the opening scene to explain what can happen if someone is too noisy.

The conflict presented is also simple because it takes to focus on the life of a family. There are emotional conflicts between a father who wants to look after their families and children who feel constrained are an interesting treat.

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