The Best 13 Apps for Windows 8

Window 8 brings you different apps like Android and iPhone apps. So as we know that window 8 has come up with amazing start screen. This is introduced by Microsoft that has already got much criticism from users. Microsoft has introduced the window store which is free from dns unlocker adware so you can get free apps and free paid apps for your windows 8. Currently windows 8 have minimum number of apps as compared to the app store and Google play. Here we have the best collection of apps for windows 8. These apps will make your windows happier and productive. Most of the apps are free some apps are purchased.

Skype free:

In all over the world Skype is known by good words because it is always an app that makes staying in touch with all your contacts. Skype has no need of introduction which provides the voice and video calls by using the internet.

Fhotoroom (Free)

Fhotoroom is the free app for windows 8. It is the best app for photo editing and now available in windows 8. It has 76 powerful image editing, light leaks, photo styles and photo frames. This has also more features like editing brush which bring out the best in your photo.

Everyday food

This app is very interested if you want to learn cooking and sometimes you are out of ideas what to cook so this app is the best way so you can say this app is the ever day food app. This app gives you different recipes and idea.


If you have windows 8 then this Nook gives u millions of books, magazines, and newspapers for downloading and reading. There are millions of books available for free downloading at Nook.

Sketch book express:

Sketch book express is a free great painting app and it is too much easy for every user of windows 8. This painting and sketching app provides up to six layers in downloading and multiple sketching. Only import photos and sketch book express will do the magic.


This is official Wikipedia app for windows 8. Wikipedia is the free app containing more than 20 million articles in 280 languages and it is most widely and comprehensive reference work that human have ever compiled.


If you a frequent traveler and have no time to read books then audible is the best app for you to listen these books.


Window 8 brings you the best ever twitter experience in windows 8 devices. You can get real stories pictures, videos and conversations in your timeline with fast window8.

Note one:

If you use Microsoft office, then you are familiar with note one. Note one is not a desktop app but it offers apps for Android, iPhone, Mac and Pc. You can also add table, tag, photo, list or paste to your app.

Tune in radio:

Tune in radio is the different and new way to listen the music, news and sports from every corner of the earth. By using tune in one radio you can also find and listen your favorite artist, team’s comedians and talk host.

News republic:

News republic is the news application for smart reader. News republic gives users international news experience

Base for windows 8:

Base for window is a perfect pixel quality window 8 theme dark which offers nice set of metro icons and dark style skins.


Simple windows 8 theme which features are new frames search and address bar and several of other changes.

How to Remove System Image Backup in Windows

Looking for a guide to remove System Image Backup in Windows? If so, you are at the right place. I am going to discuss a very straightforward and handy tutorial to guide the users how they can remove an already created system image in Windows. It becomes necessary to remove the previous backup because if you do not delete it, you will lose all of the space on the drive where you save system image. So, it is advised that you need to take a look at old backup and delete it few and far between. Although the guide is about Windows 7, the users of other versions of Windows can also follow the steps in it.

How to Remove System Image Backup in Windows

Go to the Start menu; you need to look for “Control Panel” in it. Once you get, just click to open it.
(You can access Control Panel by using the Search bar. Just type Control Panel in the search bar. In the search results, you need to click its option and it will open the Control Panel window before you)
Here, you will see different categories. You need to click “System and Security.”
Once you see the content, you need to select “Backup and Restore.” This tool is used to backup or restoration processes.
When the next window appears before you, there will be two options now. The first one is “Backup.” Where its description ends, you will notice an option “Change Settings” that is our target option. Click on it to see its menu.
It shows you the backup location and details including the system image and its space, data files backup and its space, etc. You will notice that ghost backups are not shown here. Ghost backups are the backup copies and you will not find any of them here on the list because they are hidden. They can be seen in the “System Restore” area of every drive. But these backup files occupy more space in your hard disk.
In the second category, “Data File Backup”, you will see a tab “View Backups” that should be selected to proceed ahead. Now you will see a complete list of backups you have taken frequently. It will also show you the backup you have taken presently. You need to note its size. The size will show you that how much space it is occupying. So you can decide according to its size which backup you need to restore or which should be deleted. In this context, I would recommend you to delete the oldest backup because you have already taken it recently and all the data is added to the newest one.
Just click the button “Delete” to remove it and select “Close” option at the bottom of the screen. It has provided you more space in hard drive to save more and more data.
If you are still facing issues then leave a comment, I’ll try to help you.

Status Messages To Revamp Your WhatsApp Look


WhatsappMost of the WhatApp users are observed not aware of the effectiveness of status messages, this is why out of over 800 million users countless don’t even bother to set any status on their profile. Although, with the passage of time and after seeing amazing status messages posted on other user’s profiles many users are nowadays stated posting status of profiles. But still this trend still lacks the amount of utilization viability it encompasses.

Nevertheless, this is the best time for WhatsApp users to start posting any type of WhatsApp status message on their profile no matter – of how long they have not used this feature. The reason of calling nowadays best time to adopt this feature of WhatsApp because now there are plenty of websites being managed online loaded with a massive collection of various categories specially crafted status messages for WhatsApp. So, anyone can simply browse these websites and get various genres of status message – to be later used on their WhatsApp profiles.

WhatsApp users would also have the liberty to select status messages out of any category they like the most, as liking of every WhatsApp user differs from one another. Therefore, these huge collections of all diverse types of status messages available on various websites over the internet are surely like a jewel for WhatsApp users to select and set the most appealing status message on their profiles.

This option of selecting the best out all as per user’s consent will also make available the opportunity to project a good impression on other WhatsApp contacts. As whenever they will visit your WhatsApp profile for chatting they will come across your wonderful status message and this will certainly impress them – if its substance pleases.

Furthermore, the option of customizing the alre4ady written status messages which you found on various websites is also there – for making changes in their words as per your consent. On the other hand, if you like to post completely unique status message there is always a chance for every Whatsapp user to first write a status message of any type they want and instantly set it on your profile. This option is wide open for all WhatsApp users to simply go to their WhatsApp status section and write whatever they want to let other contacts know about their current frame of mind.

Thus, whatsapp status messages are the best and easiest way to revamp your stay on this world’s most popular Smartphone communication app.